15 May 2021

Cohen & Jessica

Cavalli Estate

Cavalli Estate Wedding

There is so much that I can say about Cohen & Jessica’s Cavalli Estate Wedding, so let me start off with one of the heroes of the day, Jess.

The week before the wedding her appendix ruptured and it had to be taken out. The doctors told her that she had to be in the hospital for a further two weeks. She refused to postpone her wedding, flew down to Cape Town, got herself in her Baptiste wedding dress and walked down the aisle to her Husband. 

Let’s talk about the weather next. It rained constantly, with no sign of sunshine anywhere to be found. So many couples tend to get anxious when the weather turns grey, but not these two. They couldn’t be less bothered because their focus was on their marriage. We were shooting inside when we were told that the sun had made an appearance. We were speechless when we stepped outside. It looked like the mountain was on fire, engulfed in smoke and flames. 

This day couldn’t have been made possible without the impeccable vendors. Tony and his Envie Team are truly magnificent. Their ability to curate and create made this day what it was. We have to mention Opus Botanical Studio, Okasie, In and Out Events, Casper Bosman Designer WearIza Cloete, Lanzerac Wine Estate and Creative Kilowatt for their work in making this wedding day spectacular. 

And then lastly, one of the highlights of the day. For their first dance, Jessica & Cohen got Matthew Mole to sing and play Jess’ Song, the song that he wrote for his wife (also called Jess). When he was finished with the song, he said that today it was Jess & Cohen’s song. It was the perfect end to a perfect wedding day. 

With Much Love,

Michelle (& Gustav)

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