Victoria Falls Wedding Photographer

3 November 2020

Jorge & Constance

Livingstone, Zambia

Victoria Falls Wedding

This Victoria Falls Wedding was an adventure and I hardly know where to begin. Constance reached out to us all the way from England and we were so excited to hear about their plans to get married in Zambia.

After countless visits to this incredible country, Constance and Jorge couldn’t see themselves getting married anywhere else. 

To say that this wedding almost wasn’t captured is an understatement. We were still unsure if we would be able to go 2 weeks before the wedding . Not only were our flights 10x more expensive and 3x longer than expected, but it also took 4 covid tests (2 each) to make the trip a success. We finally got everything in order and made it to Zambia. 

We strolled along the Victoria Falls, walked with Rhino’s and fed Giraffes. But most importantly, we witnessed the union of these two incredible people. 

Constance & Jorge, we will never be able to thank you enough for letting us come along on this incredible journey with you. We will always remember your kindness towards us, and the joy of experiencing these things with you. 

Much Love, 

Gustav & Michelle Victoria Falls Wedding


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