Kleine Rijke Wedding Venue

8 August 2020

Christiaan & Sanmari

Kleine Rijke

Chris & Sanmari won our Couple Shoot Giveaway and because of Corona, it took 6 months before we were actually able to meet up. They decided on the incredible Kleine Rijke Wedding Venue for their shoot, and we have to say that it was the best choice ever!

We don’t know how to explain it, but we just clicked right away. It felt like we’ve known them for our whole lives, and we are now the closest of friends.

These two share a love for Travelling the globe and Country Music. Chris often serenades Sanmari at our weekly games night and braai dates with his guitar. Sanmari plays action netball, and only wins when we aren’t able to attend, and Chris loves road-trips and makes really good steak and sweet potato fries. Sanmari also wants a French Bulldog more than anything, so if anyone knows of one please let us know.

But besides all their quirks and qualities, the one thing that drew us to them and has been so evident in their lives, is their love for God and a desire to know Him more. Your testimonies are incredible, and truly showcase God’s Goodness and everlasting Grace and Love.

Thank you for sharing your hearts with us, and for your unconditional support and encouragement. Here’s to many road-trips and travels, calorie counting and talks about the Lord.

We love you guys beyond measure.

Much love,

Michelle (and Gustav)

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