17 August 2021

Wilhelm & Ansu


Linden Couple Shoot

I know I say this so much, but this seriously has to be one of my favourite shoots. We headed to Linden to meet  Wilhelm & Ansu for their couple shoot. We started off at Ansu’s apartment, and what made this shoot so special is that it didn’t feel like a shoot. It felt like friends getting together over a cup of coffee. 

Wilhelm & Ansu are so perfectly matched. Their quirky personalities and ability to laugh at and with one another is the best thing to witness. 

Ansu told me that every time they go for a date night they first take a picture in the mirror together. Look out for the mirror shot of these two as they dance in the kitchen. Another “replica” from their relationship was Ansu’s first Instagram post announcing their relationship (secretively). It was a photo of the two of them sitting at the table, showing only their feet. I didn’t even know this when I took the photo, but it worked out so perfectly. 

And then one of my favourite photos from this shoot has to be the silhouette just before we headed to Rosebank for the second half of the shoot. While they were putting on their second outfits I saw how the sun fell against the wall and knew exactly how to compose and get this shot. I was so happy when it turned out exactly as I had imagined it. 

We had so much fun with these two, and are still eagerly waiting for a braai and monopoly deal double date some day soon.

Much Love,



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