Somerset West Couple Shoot

16 May 2021

Lohan & Shanique

Strand Beach

This shoot will go down in history as one of my favourite shoots ever. We met Lohan & Shanique at Strand Beach for their couple shoot in Somerset West just before sunrise. They showed up with coffee, which if you know us is the best thing to bring us before a sunrise shoot in winter. 

The previous day was misty and rainy, and to our surprise the sun rose in the most beautiful cotton-candy colours that really left us a bit speechless.

Shanique’s dress from Mash Boutique just happened to be the exact colour of the skies, and how these two love each other so effortlessly made my ability to capture it so incredibly easy. 

From running and kissing on the beach, to running full force into the icy water, these two did it all. 

I am so grateful to be able to witness so much beauty and engrave it into history. 

Much Love,


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Somerset West Couple Shoot