Midlands Wedding

14 November 2021

Nantus & Nadien

Haycroft Farm

Midlands Wedding

Nantus & Nadien’s Midlands Wedding was a picture perfect day at Haycroft Farm. One thing that truly stood out for me was how they embraced every second and made it their own. 

Drops of rain fell throughout the day, and many Brides would be concerned that their ceremony was outside, in the woods. But not Nadien. When I asked her how she felt about the rain, she said that it is a blessing. When it seriously started raining right before the ceremony, she simply embraced it and said they would wait it out. 

Well 20 minutes later she was walking down the aisle to the love of her life, without a trace of rain. 

Their Christ-centered ceremony, and the evidence of His love in their and their familie’s lives will forever be something that I was grateful to witness. 

May the Love of God continue to surround you, may His love always be the inspiration for your own, and may these photos always be a reminder of His love enabling ours. 

Much Love,

Michelle Midlands Wedding


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