gauteng wedding photographer

29 April 2019

Luke & Jeanelle


This Pretoria couple shoot hands down receives the award for most amazing golden hour, and also, the most golden couple ever. Is this too cheesy? well, #sorrynotsorry

This was one of my very first mentor sessions. This is when another photographer books a session where I teach her a few tricks of the trade. Along with a sit down teaching session, we have an in-person couple shoot where she can observe and see how I direct the couple. Anais was such a champion and made this session so wonderful to teach. 

It was Luke and Jeanelle’s first ever couple shoot, and their giddy laughs and playfulness was the perfect combination for some golden time loving. One thing that I absolutely loved about them was their style. I think anyone who sees these photos can easily tell that they have the most incredible fashion sense. Personally I think what you wear for a shoot makes a huge difference. Not only are you comfortable, but the images will actually reflect your personality even better through your style. 

I hope you can feel the love.

 Much love, pretoria couple shoot


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