16 October 2021

Andrew & Chanel

Rosemary Hill

We were so excited to shoot Andrew & Chanel’s wedding at Rosemary Hill. Being one of the most beautiful venue’s in Gauteng, we knew it was going to be a banger of a day.

I must have mentioned it probably 100 times on the day, but let me just mention it here again: If I had to choose again, I would have chosen Chanel’s dress for my wedding too. When I asked Chanel why she choose this specific dress, she said that she wasn’t a conventional person and wanted her dress to reflect that. This Bo & Luca masterpiece absolutely did that!

There were so many individualised touches that contributed to A&C’s wedding day. From the hand painted tie that Andrew wore that reflected their lives and adventures, to the wedding “arch” for which Chanel’s mother dried out all the oranges herself. It’s little things like these that make the day so memorable.

And lastly, one of the best moments of the day, the Father-Daughter Dance. Chanel and her father had choreographed and entire routine which they flawlessly performed for all the guests. This was followed by Andrew and his mother setting off confetti poppers as the dance ended. Priceless.

To many more unconventional moments, travels and days surrounded by loved ones.

Much Love,