2 June 2020

Jade & Samantha


This is Jade and Sam. They have been dating for roughly two years and are the most stylish couple. Sam is an international fashion model and Jade just finished his course in hairdressing. So yeah, that explains their amazing fashion sense. Western Cape Couple Shoot

I’ve known Sam for roughly 8 years. It has been the most incredible thing to see how she has grown and matured into such a stunning young woman. I wanted to do a shoot right after the hard lockdown, and I knew that Sam and Jade were the perfect couple. 

This shoot makes my imagination run wild. I can just picture a newlywed couple who just bought their first home, posing outside for a picture. Unfortunately this is only in my imagination, but maybe one day, a few years from now, Jade and Sam will be posing outside their first home and smiling for a picture.

 Much Love,

Michelle Western Cape Couple Shoot

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