The Geldenhuys’ Presets

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The Geldenhuys’ Presets

Preset 1: Golden

Preset 2: Monochrome

Modifiers: 4 One-Click Modifiers

1 Hour Editing Tutorial



We are The Geldenhuys’; a Husband and Wife photography and videography team passionate about capturing stories. We’ve been shooting weddings since 2017 and find it incredible that we get to document one of the most important days of people’s lives.

The way that we shoot is an important part of what we do, but we know that the post production is equally important in forming our style.

The way you edit and the presets that you use should be enhancing your storytelling.

We are excited to be releasing our presets to the world. Natural, timeless and easy to use; these presets are my best friend in the editing room.

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This is our colour preset that has been specifically designed to suit all conditions, lighting and time of day. I use this preset on every single shoot and wedding.



This is our Black and White Preset. With just enough blacks to still hold enough detail, and just enough whites to brighten up any image.


– Auto Transform: Corrects lines and horizons
– Blue's Baby: Put's the blue back into the image
– Bring Back The Blacks: Lifts blacks to enhance detail
– Sun's Out: Decreases the oranges

1 review for The Geldenhuys’ Presets

  1. Leona

    The presets you keep, for sure!!
    The colors on this preset is so beautiful and soft. Loved trying them out, with just one click there was already a major improvement in color tones. I tried them quickLy after purchase on a few DIFFERENT shots from DIFFERENT times during the day and it held up well with each one. there was no drastic change in skin tones and it was consistent with color tones throughout. Definitely one of the best presets i’ve used and im sure once I have some more time to really get into the finer details with it, it will soon become a FAVOURITE!! Thanks to The Geldenhuyses’ for this awesome preset you guys are truly talented!!

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